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The official government website is located at You will receive a free credit report but will not receive your credit scores.

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You are guaranteed by Federal law and the laws of various states the right to get an absolutely free credit report (credit file disclosure) once every 12 months from each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies, who are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Free Annual Credit Report Government

You may request this free credit check report online, by mail or by phone at the official government website. If you order by phone or mail it usually takes about 15 days to receive your copy of your credit report. If you order your credit report on line then you will have instant access to the data.

All the information maintained by the consumer reporting companies will be reported in your credit file disclosure report. This will include such information as:

  • Any creditor that has requested and gotten a credit report about you
  • All items you have purchased on credit reported by the respective creditor
  • Various addresses where you have lived
  • Public Records information, such as tax liens and judgments against you
  • Payment history for all reported credit items

Various companies will request a copy of your credit report, called "inquiries", for the purposes of determining if they want to extend an offer of credit to you, such as an offer of a new credit card. Insurance companies will also make inquiries to see if they want to insure an item for which you may have applied for insurance coverage.

When you request and receive a free copy of your own credit report gov then it will show you any inquiries that have been made with a certain period of time. This report will also reflect medical account information that won't be shown on a copy of your credit report provided to other third party users.

If you wish, you can request that your name be excluded from lists for pre-approved, unsolicited credit and insurance offers. To find out how, call 1-888-567-8688.

FreeCreditReport Gov

Once you obtain a copy of your free credit report gov ( you may find that there are items that you consider incorrect in your credit file history. You get these items corrected with credit report dispute letters.

Some Items that will bring your credit scores down are late payments, delinquent student loans, judgments, tax liens, forclosures and bankruptcies. Many people find that a bankruptcy that has been discharged or dismissed will not show as such on their credit report.

If you are unable to make your student loan payments, try to get this loan deferred for a period of time in order to give you some time to get caught up. Check your credit report to make sure that this deferred status has been properly updated.

If you need to learn how to read a credit report , how to write dispute letters or learn more about how to improve your crdit scores, visit: Raise Credit Scores .

You do not have to have a perfect credit score to get approval for loans and to get a decent interest rate but you do need to meet certain credit score ranges.

So, keep an eye on your credit history to make sure that everything is being reported correctly by the creditors and the credit bureaus and to know how your own actions are impacting your fico scores.

Check Your Child's Credit Report
Posted: August 9, 2011

Your child may have a credit history that you helped them create or that some scam artist created for them. If you add your child as an authorized user on your credit card then activity on this credit card (yours and your childs) is going to be reported to the credit bureaus for both you and your child, thereby establishing a credit history for your child.

If you are prudent in making your payments on this credit card on a timely basis, then this can be a good thing for your child; if not, then you may be giving your child a poor start with their credit history and score.

What you do is under your control, but those who engage in identity fraud you may not even know is happening if you are not keeping an eye on your child's credit file.

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona recently warned consumers to be aware of and steer clear of a new scam. This scam involves using a CPN (credit protection number).

They reported that these scammers often get the numbers by locating dormant Social Security numbers via the computer; particularly those Social Security Numbers assigned to children, because activity on a child's credit report will typically go unnoticed for years. These scalped SSN numbers are sold to people who establish phony credit and run up large debts that they have no intention of ever paying off. These scammers refer to these numbers as CPN numbers versus Social Security numbers.

If you are not keeping an eye on your child's credit report and score then when your child finally gets to the point of using his or her own credit for a new car, student loan or just a new credit card they may find that their credit is totally destroyed.

Yes, you can get these type items removed from your child's credit report but it will probably take months to get it all cleaned up and in the mean time that student loan or new car is all on hold.

The Same Is True for the Elderly
Posted: October 9, 2011

As people age they tend to buy less things on credit. They will either quit driving or drive their cars longer. There home may very well be mortgage free. Usually they have one or two credit cards and all in all are just not applying for new credit. Therefore, they are not having anyone pull their credit report on a somewhat frequent basis.

As a result, scammers can often get by with using this person's social security number undetected for years.

If you find yourself in this position or you have an aging parent or relative that is in this situation then it would behove you to begin checking your credit report and scores now and then continue to do so on a fairly frequent basis.

Free Credit Report Gov
Posted: April 9, 2012

Knowing what is in your credit file and what lenders are judging you buy is almost as important in this day and time and knowing how much money you have in the bank.

Let's say that you have enough money in the bank to rent that apartment that you want, but the rental agency policy is that applicants have a certain credit score before they will approve their application. If your credit scores are too low then they are not really interested in the fact that you have enough money in the bank to pay the deposit and first month's rent.

It is your life and your responsibilty and your future well being. Check your credit scores and report today even if just to make sure their are no posting errors that are affecting your scores in a negative manner.






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