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The official government website is located at You will receive a free credit report but will not receive your credit scores.

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Federal law and the laws of various states guarantees every consumer the right to get a free personal credit report (credit file disclosure) once every twelve months from each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies, who are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

Government Credit Report

You may order this free credit report by mail, online or by phone. If you request your report by mail or phone it usually takes about 15 days to get your copy of this free credit report. If you request your credit report online then you will be granted instant access to the information.

All the credit detail maintained by the consumer reporting agencies will be noted in your credit file disclosure report. This will include such detail as:

  • What people or companies have requested and received credit information about you
  • All details about your current payment history with your current creditors
  • The different addresses where you have previously lived (or currently live)
  • Public Records information, such as judgement and tax liens filed against you
  • etc.

Many companies may request a copy of your credit report, called "inquiries", which is used to decide if they want to extend a new offer of credit to you, such as an offer for a new credit card.

When you order a free copy of your own credit report gov then it will show you any inquiries that have been made within a certain period of time by these companies. This credit report will also show medical account information to you that won't be displayed on a copy of your credit report provided to other third party inquirers.

If you desire, you may request that your name be excluded from lists for pre-approved, unsolicited insurance and credit offers. To find out how, call 1-888-567-8688.

FreeCreditReport Gov

The official Government site where you can obtain your Free Credit Report Government is You will not receive your credit scores with this free credit report but you will be able to review what is currently showing in your credit history file.







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